Wilmington, DE -- August 25, 2007

Reading The Song of Bernadette, by Franz Werfel. It's about a young girl named Bernadette who had a vision of the Virgin Mary while gathering firewood at a local trash heap in 1858. The Virgin Mary asked her to return for fifteen days. The people in her town had a hard time believing her.

He recommends Winds of War, by Herman Woke, about WWII, and The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco.

His own book--it’d be about life….he’d have to make stuff up.

A book that’s helped him understand different viewpoints--From Beirut to Jerusalem, by Thomas L. Friedman. It's about why things are the way they are in the Middle East--mostly inhabited by tribes, the country borders are just artificial creations after WWII, people have loyalty to their tribes not to artificial borders.

He reads so many books he can’t pinpoint just one as a favorite.

What he likes about Wilmington—it’s not too much of a city itself, so it doesn’t overwhelm, but it’s close to many meteropolitan areas. In forty minutes you can be anywhere.

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