Little Rock, AR -- September 2, 2007

Reading The Life Recovery Bible, created by Tyndale. He's on I Peter and is reading about the Christan Law.

He reads a little Koontz now and then. His favorite book? Anything by Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament.

He used to live in Des Moines and told me the story about the old library—they didn’t have enough money to renovate it so they started from scratch and made the old one an historical landmark. The new one can’t compete.

His own book? Everyone is a void. When we are brought into the world, something’s missing and what's missing is the love of Christ and you’ll look until you find it. He searched for it in books and in bars until he started reading the Bible.

He disagrees with the doctrine of men. Won’t go to churches that aren’t nondenominational.

To my question—Would Muslims and Christians would ever be able to worship God together? No, he said, Muslims believe it’s blaspheming God if you don’t denounce Christ.

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