Los Angeles, CA --Hollywood, outside Roxy theater on Sunset Blvd. -- July 16, 2007

Reading Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. This is her third time reading it. She picks it up again whenever she needs to feel good, that feeling of being able to stand by something, because she doesn't see it around her in real life. Reading it makes her more honest with people. It's weird, she says, but in a way I want the characters to approve of me.

She also likes The Fountainhead; "girly stuff" like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice; Joseph Heller's Catch 22; the Harry Potter books; and David Sedaris. You have to read Me talk Pretty One Day she said and went on to describe how she'd been laughing out loud in public.

If she were to write her own novel, it would be loosely based on her family. She has four sisters and three brothers and they all grew up together in L.A. They were raised to respect people and they were often very close knit and not very social outside of themselves.

All of her sisters, except one, who likes Anne of Green Gables, considers Atlas Shrugged their favorite book.

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