Los Angeles, CA --Downtown Greyhound Terminal -- July 17, 2007

Her first words to me, when I described my project and asked if I could take her photo were these: I read so I don't have to talk to people.

Reading A Measure of Faith, by Maxine Billings. She bought it where she buys all of her books--Walmart, for the price. She got this one for $4.84. She goes about twice a month and buys about fifteen or twenty books--black authors, historical fiction, erotica. Yes, you can buy erotica at Walmart.

Her favorite book--Malcolm X by Alex Haley, who also did the Roots series. People were riveted, she said, when it first came out and, now that it's been re-released, people are still riveted. They just stared airing it on Sunday.

She reads all the time and has books all over her house and in all of her cars so that she will always have something to read. Since she retired four years ago and spends her time traveling, returning home just long enough to check up on her plants. Inevitably, when you travel, you have to spend time waiting, but she doesn't mind, in fact she likes it. All the more time to read.


Anonymous said...

Actually,good post. thx

Maxine Billings said...

Very impressive! I really like what Sonya did, and I'm not just saying it because it's my book that's being read. But I really do appreciate it. Thanks again, Sonya.