Butte, MT -- Evel Knievel Days -- July 27, 2007

My mom and brother picked me up in Butte, Montana, sparing me a four-hour layover, and brought me back to neighboring Helena, but not until after we'd had a chance to join in the festivities for Butte's local hero, Evel Knievel.

I scanned the hillside, where families were sitting on the grass watching the motorcycle stunts, but did not see even one Harry Potter book.

However, while we were having lunch, watching kids crawling in and out of a tank that the National Guard had brought for recruiting, I spied a book sitting on the edge of a tank and ran down to see who the owner was.

Turns out it was a Reader's Digest Anthology and the owner (who was inside of the tank) had gotten it for free at a book stand a few blocks down the road, as part of the festivities. His friend's favorite book--Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie.

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