Butte, MT -- KOA Campground -- July 27, 2007

My mom and brother were impressed with my book spotting skills. It's a paperback in his hand, I explained and my mom pulled the car into the KOA parking lot.

I forget how lucky I am to be traveling alone, that I can stop and talk as often as I like. Though, my mom and brother were very patient, even though we were late getting to my grandparents' house for dinner.

He’s from Virginia, flew to Helena, got himself a bike and has ridden up to Glacier National Park and down to Yellowstone. Usually in the summer he's cutting trees in Virginia. Now, he’s traveling around selling jewelry, like the necklace he's wearing, made with a sterling silver fork wrapped around a piece of smoky amethyst.

What else he brought along to read--Razor’s Edge, which he swapped out for Catcher in the Rye, then wished he hadn't. Holden, he said, is a winey brat and he cant’ believe he saved it all this time to read it. It’s crap.

The shining star in Razor's Edge is this quote he copied out:

Tips for packing light: bring a hammock to sleep in and, when that fails, a good place to go is the back of a U-Haul truck—they rarely lock them.

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