The Dalles, OR -- July 24, 2007

Reading a booklet of information about evolution that his friend put together from printouts on the Internet. The readings describe the flaws in the theory of natural selection. He is a religious scientist. Nothing, he said, has ever gone from one state of complexity to a greater state of complexity by random chance or any other means. Even Darwin, he said, discredited it.

He recommends Black Elk Speaks, which is a history of Native Americans by a white man. Chief Black Elk’s son interpreted for the writer.

His favorite book--The Bible and the message from it-- Jesus said, above all things, to love God and to love one another.

If he were to write his own book, it would be about his travels. He used to be in the Marine’s Special Forces before he suffered an injury that his left him virtually paralyzed. The doctors said he’d never walk, but he’s had the fortitude to prove them wrong.

The friend (who put together the book, pictured below) recommends World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin, published by Eden Press. It’s about the politics and science of cancer and is a little on the radical side. If he were to write his own book it would be called Killings of the Vortex, about the drug scene in Portland. He recently moved back to The Dalles to take care of his octogenarian parents.

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