The Dalles, OR --July 24, 2007

Waiting for her husband and reading the latest Harry Potter. When he arrived they invited me inside the bar to have a drink and some nachos with them. Her husband's mother lives with them and they like to have some free time together after work before heading home.

In her family they have three copies of book 7: Separate copies for her dad, her twelve-year-old granddaughter and herself. They tried to share, but it wasn't going to work. The granddaughter feels like she has to read it before school starts so she is in the loop.

They went to Klindt’s book store for the midnight release party and won a jar of marshmallows for guessing the correct number in them. There were two or three hundred of them. There were also competitions with jars of eyeballs or m&ms.

Other things she’s read recently—Janet Evanovitch’s Lean Mean Thirteen and The Edge Chronicles, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

She and her husband have lived in The Dalles since 1991. She volunteers with the SMART program—Start Making A Reader Today, where she reads with kindergarteners through third graders. They like Clifford the Big Red Dog. Her husband’s favorite kid’s book is Skippyjon Jones, by Judy Schachner, which is about a Siamese cat who wants to be a chiuaua.

She also likes reading travel books, like Nomadic Woman (not sure who the author is) about a divorced woman in her 40’s who decided to travel. And, a book on how to pack. It was odd, though, she said, that this woman seemed to always be staying with well-to-do families, never to be with normal people.

One of her husband’s favorite books is Desert Solitaire, written by a ranger about Arches National Monument and how tourists don’t like to get out of their cars. And, he’s a Steinbeck fan--Travels with Charley and The Log from the Sea of Cortez. He also reads Outside magazine.

They told me about local authors and suggested I got to Klindt’s bookstore.

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