Helena, MT -- July 28, 2007

Reading One-Handed Catch, by M.J. Auch , which is about a little boy who loses his hand in a meat grinder and still tries to play baseball, like ball player Pete Gray. He’s going to write a 750 word essay about the book, bringing Lou Gehrig and his battles into it as well. If he wins the essay contest he gets to throw out the first pitch at the Pioneer league baseball game at the end of August. If he doesn't win, he still gets two free tickets to the game. Good luck!

His favorite books areEragon and Eldest. He read Eragon, which is about 900 pages, in two days. (His mother is making him read One-Handed Catch more slowly--they only read it together....right now she's sitting next to him while they wait for the start of the Stampede Parade.) He’s waiting for the third book to come out and, in anticipation wrote the author a letter. The author, Christopher Paolini, wrote him a personal response and clued him in on sort of what will unfold in the third book. Christopher Paolini is from Montana and had self published Eragon and toured around Montana with it until it was picked up by a national distributor. He was a home school kid.

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