Helena, MT -- Lewis and Clark County Public Library -- July 28, 2007

At the Lewis and Clark Library, where I racked up fines with my Trixie Belden mysteries, Christopher Pike books and young adult romance novels. Since I was a kid, the library has gotten a face-lift--a beautiful mezanine and reading room funded by Stephen Ambrose. And, something else new--they now have a young adult librarian.

What's big at the library? Reading groups. The library has several of them, with topics ranging from Mystery to Montana, for teens and for adults.

Elaine (right) loves We the Living, Ayn Rand's first novel. It's about a Russian woman during the Revolution of Oct 1917. She gave her life to be free. Also, anything by the Brontë sisters.

Diana (right) is currently reading Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, which she soaked with the sprinkler and will have to pay for now. She loves books by Louise Erdrich, who is part American Indian, part German. She grew up in North Dakota on the reservation . A good book by her is The Last Report At Little No Horse. She proposes wildly believable things, like a woman posing as a priest and the old Indian chiefs knowing but not turning her in.

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