San Diego, CA -- Downtown Branch of The Public Library -- July 18, 2007

The children's librarian named some books that are popular among the children:
1. The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
2. The Charlie Bone series, which is also about wizards, by Jenny Nimmo
3. The Eragon books by Christopher Paolini.
4. The Magic Treehouse series (for first to third graders), by Mary Pope Osborne
5. Bridge to Terabithia, by (for third to sixth graders), by Katherine Patterson
6. The Judy Moody series, by Morgan McDonald
7. Bailey School Kids series, by Marcia Thornton Jones

She recommends to children Bridge to Terabithia and Babe, by Dick King-Smith and, of course, the Harry Potter series.

She's even reading the Harry Potter series. She has an eleven-year-old son and they like to talk about the books together. He takes Accelerator Reader tests on the books, which put him in the running for going out to lunch with a teacher, dependent on how many books are read and the Acceleartor Reader test scores. Usually her son gets 90-100%!

The information desk librarian said that any time Oprah recommends a book there's a big run on it. Right now everyone wants to read The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Other popular authors are James Patterson and Ann Rule. Then, there are the car repair manuals; books on the Iraq war and Bush scandals; computer books on Illustrator, Photoshop or Final Cut Pro; musical scores; graphic novels; and Harry Potter.
The Language and Literature librarian told me that, on the waiting list are A Thousand Splendid Sons and Janet Evanovitch's Lean Mean Thirteen and, if they had been able to order them (they're having issues with their budget and computer system), The Bourne Betrayal, by Eric Van Lustbader and New England White, by Stephen Carter.

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