San Diego, CA -- Starbucks near Pacific Beach -- July 17, 2007

Reading The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. He hadn't read it before and doesn't know if he will read the rest of the books because he doesn't want to contaminate his memories of the movies. He is bothered when the book doesn't gell with the movie and vice versa.

What else he's been reading lately--a periodical called Science News. This is the first fiction he's read in a long while. Before this he was reading books on wine and Buddhism--not both in the same book. What he got out of the wine book--wine is like art. The beauty of it has nothing to do with the price but rather its a mysterious combination and dependent on taste. High prices can make things like homes or cars better but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the wine.

The Buddhism books--he's read about two dozen of them. One of them, The Art of Happiness, by Dalai Lama,Howard C. Cutler, is written by an American who interviewed the Dali Lama over several years. The book combines the contents of these interviews with Western concepts. Through reading it he developed more compassion toward people, and every little bit of compassion you gain is rewarding. He thinks more about putting himself in other people's positions.

Does he have a favorite book? No. He doesn't have a favorite anything.

If he were to write his own book it would be set in the Mid-South, in Mississippi or Western Tennessee. It would have strange and eccentric characters, some who are nasty, evil deplorable, who have tendencies towards destructive nonsense. He's fascinated about using imagination to cross lines that most people don't let their mind cross and really liked the book American Psycho, by X. It's a terrible movie, he said, but the book is great--frightening, disturbing, descriptions of a sick mind. He said there's something fascinating about the willingness to go so far because most people are fearful, afraid of this or that.

He's in town for work. He's a metal crafter (that may not be the right word).

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