San Diego, CA -- Pacific Beach -- July 17, 2007

Reading The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck, M.D. It's about understanding how people become distressed and how they find relief. It's filled with layman's explanations of general psychological problems.

She enjoys reading mental science books, like this one and Love Against Hate, by Karl Menninger; Love, Psychology, and Biochemistry, by (?); and The Mastery of Love, by Miguel Ruiz. Recently she's been interested in love. She explained how people need to work on themselves individually in relationships. Though there's no guarantee a relationship is going to work if you do work on it, and yourself, if you don't, it will fail for sure.

And, with that, she noticed that my skin was turning blue--I'd been so excited to get to a beach that, even though I'd arrived at 5pm, I put on my swimming suit and over the course of the above conversations, which lasted about three hours, it got cold. She loaned me her towel and suggested it might be a good idea to return to the hostel we were both staying at.

Love was lost in the dust and the interview instead grew into a trip to Whole Foods to take photos of produce which was both organic and local--a novelty she's not used to in Boston, where she lives. Thanks for the entertainment--that was so fun. Looking back on it, I'm sure the staff at Whole Foods was amused as well!

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