Cincinnati, OH -- August 13, 2007

Reading Brotherhood of War, by W.E.B. Griffin. He likes reading Clancy, Grisham, and Yerby.

His favorite book of all time Tarzan of the Apes, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which got him started reading when he was staying in a juvenile detention center when he was fourteen or fifteen. It was an intense time for him and he spent a lot of time reading.

What would his own book be about—the infutility of man and his excessive quest for instant gratification instead of satisfaction.

What would make him put a book down? Tears.

What he likes about Cincinnati? The roots. It’s named the Queen City. It’s the real gateway to the west. He said, we’re kinda like St. Louis’s Daddy. There’s a proud history despite the troubles. Lots of bigotry around here. It’s a true blue collar city. What he doesn't like about the city—how it's trying to be a white collar city.

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