Cincinnati, OH -- August 13, 2007

Reading Her own Rules, by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

If she were to write her own book, it’d be family oriented, how families stick together and family history.

What she loves about Cincinnati—the weather, the river, the hills, but it’s really her family that keeps her here—she has nine sisters and three brothers! (Maybe it's eight sisters. I don't know if she was counting herself.) Her whole family passed around John Jakes’ books, back and forth and talked about it. It becomes, she said, a passion.

Her favorite authors: Sidney Sheldon and Fern Michaels, and Daniel Steel, but she hasn’t read anything by Daniel Steel for a long time.

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CD said...

Hey I found your blog on a search for the Madison Bookstore you were at. Very cool adventure you are on. What are you planning to do with your research.