Des Moines, IA -- August 7, 2007

Iowa may have not gotten the attention it deserved. I arrived in Des Moines at 3pm and left at midnight. When you have only a limited amount of time, something's got to give.

I visited the downtown area and the library, where the librarians suggested I go to Iowa City, home of the famed Iowa Writer's Workshop--I could have made a feverish attempt to brown nose my way into the program! or at least talked to some reading writers.

When downtown Des Moines cleared out I visited Drake University, where my friend, Emily, had studied theater. The grounds were empty--not even a lone freshman roaming around for pre-orientation. There, I experienced my first thunderstorm of the summer--something we don't get in San Francisco. I ran for cover under the first building I saw which was, coincidentally, the performing arts building where my friend had studied.

The first sunset I’ve watched the entire trip, jazzed up with lightning which didn't make it to the photo. While watching the show, I took advantage of the downtime to write blog entries.

A security guard eventually found me and rescued me with a taxi number. Thanks!

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