Minneapolis, MN -- Bus Terminal -- August 7, 2007

Reading Why Americans Hate Politics, by E.J. Dionne, J.R., for a history class. All summer she’s been having to read one book a week. One of the better books was The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe. It looked at the space flight from a novelist’s perspective and she enjoyed that. It encouraged her to go online and continue to research the people involved, and this is more than any other book in the class has motivated her. Another good book from the class--The End of Reform, by Alex Brinkley, about FDR’s new deal. The book showed a different side of him as a president than she had seen before.

Her favorite books? When she was a child it was A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engel. In her twenties it was the Harlequin Romance, September Hill, by (?) and now, she doesn’t have a favorite book, but there are a couple that have made a big impact, the first is The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, which messed her up because it was so freaky. It’s set at the time of the World’s fair and is about a serial killer. She had nightmares about it for days, but it was interesting. She gave it to her dad to read so he can be similarly freaked out, but he hasn’t read it yet.

Another book, or books, that had an impact--Essential Spiderman she’s read the first fifteen years of Spiderman comics. The interest? Her major is American Studies.

What would her book be about? She wrote a screenplay about her parents, who founded the Black Panther movement in Iowa. It hasn’t gone anywhere, yet. Another screenplay she’d like to write is about the scandal in the 1920s that killed the KKK—one of the heads of the KKK raped and killed his secretary, which caused the group's popularity to plummet.

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