Minneapolis, MN -- Outside the Public Library -- August 6, 2007

Reading the first Harry Potter book. It's good so far. He'd been seeing people reading them on the bus and decided he may as well give it a shot.

What's he read recently? The autobiography of Rupert Everett, the British actor who played in My Best Friend's Wedding. What he found out about the actor? Not much. It was a pretty boring book.

His favorite book of all time--The Short History of a Prince by (I think) Jane Hamilton , which is about a gay man who struggles and his life. It's a really good book. He's read it twice, the last time just a month ago and keeps it on his night stand.

His own book? It'd be about himself. That's what he knows best.

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Holly Bernice Cox said...

Rupert Everett's book is boring ...are you kidding me ? You must have had a heck of a life .I can't imagine why anyone who reads Harry Potter chose it to be honest. Ru's book is like a fabulous magic realist novel for adults .