Minneapolis, MN -- Bus Terminal -- August 6, 2007

Reading The World Almanac Book of Records, which he just picked up for the bus ride home to Sacramento.

Something he's learned (and he quoted this without looking at the page)--the largest tree in teh world is called General Sherman and it is 367 feet tall and has a circumference of 102 feet.

His favorite books of all time--LOR, of course. He's read them each twice, once before they got famous and once after.

What's he read recently? Not so much.

If he were to write his own book it'd be about frisbee golf. He is on his way home from the Frisbee Golf World Championships, which were held in upper Wisconsin. He took third place of over 450 competitors. In the top five were three Californians, a Swede and a Minnesotan. His trophy? It's in the storage locker. The $1300 bucks for winning? In his bank account. It covers travel, he said. He goes to a lot of tournaments.

He's been playing for seventeen years and plays with friends in Orangeville Park in Sacramento, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and also in Santa Cruz. There are 1500 courses in the U.S..

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