Des Moines, IA -- Java Joe's Cafe -- August 7, 2007

Reading the latest Harry Potter. It’s a little more scattered in the storyline than the other ones, he said, but then again, it’s been a couple years.

He grew up in Des Moines and is home visiting his family. He said he’s a destination reader. At home he mostly reads medical texts. The last thing he read for pleasure? That would have been over Christmas on the vacation before this one. It was a book he got from his uncle in Florida—a swashbuckling story set in late 1700 in South Africa.

The best thing he’s read over the past five years? The Razor’s Edge, by W. Somerset Maugham, about a young man’s journey in the world, disregarding expectations put in his path. What makes it so good? The character’s situation and what he chooses to do about it. He read it three or four years ago when he was in his second year of medical school.

His thoughts about dialog in books—he said he’s guilty of not paying attention to it, saying he has the same problem with listening to music. He gets caught up in the feeling and forgets to listen to the lyrics.

If he were to write his own book? It would probably be non-fiction, though he’d like it to be historical fiction, set in the 17th Century Midwest.

One series that really affected him and got him interested in reading historical fiction was The Clan of the Cave Bear , by Jean Auel, which is for young adults--he has branched out since then.

Most recently he read a book, and he had forgotten about it earlier because it was unremarkable, by the author of Cold Mountain...the new novel. Not just a destination reader.

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