Bowling Green, KY -- August 14, 2007

Reading Year Zero, by Jeff Long. Recently he read Sex God, by Rob Bell, which communicated this: be in touch with other people intimately, not just sexually. Many behaviors and spirituality come down to sex.

One of his favorite books is Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, which was just made into a movie. It’s about a person who lives right after the French revolution and how he developed a deep sense of smell and how he feels passionate about smells and wants to make best perfume, which leads him to kidnapping girls to take their essence.

He’s just moved to Bowling Green, and relatively new to Kentucky, as well—four years ago he moved from Mexico City to Louisville, coming to work with the Methodist church. He really likes Bowling Green and says it’s a very easy town to find your way around in, directionwise.

His own book? It’d be nonfiction.

What he likes to share with others, especially if they are struggling or have the same taste in books as he has: The Bait of Satan, by John Bevere (obviously, he said, the Bible, too) and Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller, which is about spirituality and is very raw and honest.

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