Panama City, FL -- August 18, 2007

Reading A Painted House, by John Grisham. It’s serious reading, she said. It's about a seven-year-old farm boy who sees things no one should ever have to see, like a murder. It’s about how hard their lives are—no inside plumbing, no phones, they lose their entire cotton crop. The author, she said, grew up on a farm. She started it two days ago and hasn’t been able to put it down.

What has she read recently? She’s read too many books, and, I can't believe she said this, it’s awful.

She's been reading spiritual books, one by Vincent Dwyer, who writes about Catholicism and spirituality.

A favorite--Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. It's his most vivid book and reminds her of Painted House, the book she's reading now, about a poor farmer making his way. A scene that sticks out in Grapes of Wrath--when the woman who had lost her baby, her milk was coming in and the man who was just skin and bones, she let him drink from her breasts. Real world stuff.

She also reads Janet Evanovitch. Next she’ll read something by Martha Grimes.

Her own book? Funny I should ask. She’s a newly wed. It’d be about her first year of marriage, when her husband, who she met on the Internet, and who she’s become great soul mates with, took care of her through her knee surgery, truly taking care of her.

Maybe they’ll get a camper and write children’s books together…take photographs and have someone else illustrate them.

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