Panama City, FL -- August 18, 2007

Reading Nicholas Sparks' The Wedding and A Bend in the Road.

On the right: Recently she read two other Nicholas Sparks books—True Believer and At First Sight. She loves Sparks, but her favorite books are the Left Behind series, by Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

Here's part of a plot summary I lifted from Wikipedia:
Suddenly—without warning—the most alarming event in mankind's history comes to pass: millions upon millions world-wide have vanished, the dead and alive, born and unborn—many right before people's eyes. Frantic "survivors" of the disappearances begin their search for their friends and families as well as answers to what's happened.

She's in the process of an international adoption. In preparation she’s been reading some nonfiction, including The Lost Daughters of China, by Karin Evans.

If she were to write her own book it would be about the journey of adopting a child.

On the left: She also likes the Left Behind series. Here favorite one is Glorious Appearing. Last summer they read the series together.

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