Panama City, FL -- August 18, 2007

Reading Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss. It begins by breaking down two types of love--agape love, which is the type of love that Christ has for us and phileo love, which is touchy feely love, affectionate and warm. It's okay not to have this kind of love for your enemies, just so long as you have agape love.

After the book goes into types of love, it goes into loving yourself, then understanding that our bodies are temples of God, then into diet info.

She just read Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul, John Eldredge and Stasi Eldredge, which she was telling her friend about before I came over. It’s amazing, she said. It talks about God’s purpose for women, how women are nurturing, compassionate, able to give life and birth and rebirth, not just in birthing babies but that the analogy can be taken further to all aspects of life.

Another book--Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers, who she described as a wonderful writer. It's a novel with spiritual guidance.

Her book—she’s in the midst of it and doesn’t talk about a project in progress. She’s a therapist. Does play therapy, art therapy, music therapy.

Something else she shared, from Proverbs X and XII—hatred stirs up dissension and love covers over all wrongs.

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