Panama City, FL -- August 18, 2007

Reading Next Door Savior, by Max Lucado, who she calls the Stephen King of Christianity. This guy, she says, is wonderful.

Also by him, she's read the Max Lucado Devotional Bible, which has things people experience day-to-day and how Christ went through this sort of thing, too.

Every morning she gets up before everyone else in her household and reads the Bible and two devotional books. She needs the strength for the day--she’s caring for her mother who has dementia. Right now she's reading the Gospel of John I and II and Breaking Free, by Beth Moore. In the searching she does of herself she has to keep up with her reading. She's also going to a school of ministry in Pittsburgh.

Her own book would be about how she overcame adversity in life. She's had fifteen surgeries due to the doctor leaving part of a placenta inside of her, and has had to cope with pain medication and addiction after this. She got through it with God’s help, hope, trusting in God.

Man takes the drink
Drink takes the drink
Drink takes the man

She’d write about AA groups, and how going to them made her feel alienated and guilty for taking pain medication, but she had to take the pain medication. It's hard to know where to draw the line and AA drew a different line.

She has shelves of books, like The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren. She got three of them at the Goodwill to give away.

She was wonderful to watch my bag while I went for a swim. The water was warm and it was one of the few times during my trip where I felt completely unencumbered.

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