Boston, MA -- Harvard Square --August 28, 2007

Reading Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown. She takes a book with her everywhere, but is not really a big reader. She’s waiting for a friend.

She likes free music in the summer, in Copley Square by the old Trinity church where they have the Farmers Market in the summer. One day it was raining and people still came. They had to unplug the stage but the band improvised.

What she likes about Boston? She likes the public transit because she doesn’t drive.

She reads cookbooks. She has so many of them. She can cook anything vegetarian—she has a broccoli cook book and almost made broccoli lentil soup the other day but decided it was too hot outside to be heating up the kitchen.

(Less than two weeks later, after returning home, the first thing I made in my crock pot was broccoli lentil soup. The sun may still have been shining in Boston, but it was not too hot in San Francisco. Thanks!)

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