Charleston, WV -- August 22, 2007

Talked to shortstop, Dane Klingaman, who was manning the shop. He very generously took the time to give me a tour and tell me about Taylors, even though he was crunched for time getting a flyer ready for the upcoming event with illustrator Giddeon Kendall who now lives in New York City, but is from Charleston, who wrote Dino Pets.

What’s great about Taylors? Live music--it's almost the only place around that does acoustic live music on Friday. It's a palce you can get a book and a glass of wine.

They have a gallery full of regional artists, a huge regional book selection, art classes, clay camps--he’ll be teaching a group of 9 to 12 year olds once a week to paint in acrylic.

Check out this fabulous community art space in the basement!

His favorite book--My Turn at Bat:The Story of My Life, by Ted Williams. He was a short stop for the University of Charleston.

A recent Regional Author who packed the house—Dr. Russell Sobel, a professor at West Virginia University, who write Unleashing Capitalism: Why prosperity stops at the West Virginia Border and How to Fix it. I paged through the book and saw that pictures of the West Virginia and its borders looked like, in comparison, pictures I'd seen of the North and South Korea border. Not as much prosperity here. Later I talked to someone at the bus station who said that West Virginia and Kentucky are the two poorest states.

Popular titles—things on sale, self-help and marriage books, bestsellers, business, politics, books by Noam Chomsky.

On his staff pics shelf: A collection of stories by Richard Brautigan—Trout Fishing in America, The Pill versus the Springhill Mining Disaster--a book of poetry by Brautigan-- and his novel, In Watermelon Sugar; Democracy Matters, by Cornel West; and (as he's an artist) Marcel Duchamp in Perspective, by Joseph Masheck.

Here's the multi-talented bookseller with some of his own paintings in the gallery.

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