Charleston, WV -- August 22, 2007

Selling bathtubs in the shopping mall and reading about Malachi, the last prophet in the old testament. Malachi had a message to give to the people of Israel who had been in captivity, he had to remind them to make sure that they didn’t turn their back on God, to make God the God of the throne.

His favorite book—The Bible.

Recently he read Apocalypse, by Jim and Tammy Baker.

His own book—he would address what’s going on with the country--if Baby Boomers are reading the Bible in record numbers, and have children and grandchildren coming along, who know nothing about Christ, then what is most important is the of training children—he’s old school, but he was trained at home and the situation is, now, that homes are no longer what they were—don’t know how people go about training children, gotten away from that.

He told me that my approaching him was a sign from God that he should stop selling bathtubs and start selling Bibles.

He’s from Ohio and has been here for two years now. The people in Charleston, he said, are nice. People are nice and friendly and they are just nice, easy going…

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