Greensboro, NC -- August 21, 2007

Usually she reads mysteries, thrillers, things with substance.

Her own book—she’s always wanted to write one, about all the interesting people she meets who would make great characters.

What’s great about Greensboro? The climate is nice, it has a lot to offer, it’s small, though it’s suddenly getting more and more developed, which disturbs her, and more people are moving here from the North, though, she said, being also from the North that shouldn’t disturb her!

Recently she read something by Harlan Coben. Other favorite authors are Larry McMurtry, who writes stories about the West and history, and Joanne Harris who wrote Chocolat and Blackberry Wine.

She enjoys phrases in books that help you look at life in different ways and enjoys sharing her books with her friends, or, more often, trades them back to the used bookstore.

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