Indianapolis, IN --at Ribfest-- September 1, 2007

Reading the Fannie Flagg story in this book of selected works.

She’s here today at the Ribfest because she loves both music and reading…she doesn’t read when they’re playing live music though—that would be rude.

Her favorite book? Hannah Hurnard’s Hinds' Feet on High Places, a Christian spiritual journey, an analogy of what you have to go through in life to get to the high places God wants you to go. She’s read it several times—in 1997, 2001, right after 9-11.

Her husband likes history books, not novels, so she bought him an historical novel, author named Thom (?) who writes about the 1700s and 1800s in Early America.

If she wrote her own book it would be about family relationships and the importance of being a good parent. She successfully raised three children and has nine grand children. You can’t replace the value of spending time with your children when they are young…they remember what you said to them when they were six years old.

The family is the only thing you leave behind—it’s your heritage…your heritage is your family.

Her book would help people to make good choices.

She lives fifty miles north of here in a town of about 40 or 50 thousand people and likes that she lives in the Midwest. She's proud of being part of the corn on the cob, grow your own garden reputation, but she doesn’t like the weather—she could do without that—except for the summer now. She likes the comfort of the Midwest.

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