Indianapolis, IN -- Septmeber 1, 2007

Reading Micah, by Laurell K. Hamilton. The book is part of a series of fifteen. She’s reading certain ones through twice, like this one, the thirteenth book.

Her favorite book of all time—Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She’s read it so many times the book is curled up and she can turn to any point she wants to. A point she often turns to—where Elizabeth and Darcy confront each other and she says she wouldn’t marry him if he was the last man on earth. …and then she reads on from there.

Her book—It’d be set on a fictional version of Earth, where there was less of a racial divide and more tolerance for folks. She grew up here in the 60s and 70s in both a black neighborhood and a white neighborhood.

About the Ribfest--she would have been in the park yesterday if Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane was there.

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