Philadelphia, PA -- August 26, 2007

Reading Urban Triage: Race and the Fictions of Multiculturalism, by James Kyung- Jin Lee.

Her favorite book is The Fifth Book of Peace, by Maxine Hong Kingston. It originally was the fourth book of peace, but her house burned down while writing it. In The Fifth Book of Peace she reconstructs the book she lost, going back and forth between her life after the fire and her memories of the book. Formally it’s great.

Right now she is also reading a book by Karen Tei Yamashita called Through the Arc at the Rain Forest. The author teaches at UC Santa Cruz. She heard her speak once. In the book one character, a Japanese guy moves to Brazil. He has a ball attached to his head, spinning in front of him, and the ball narrates. Formally, she said, it's very interesting. She’s a third of the way through it.

She does mostly critical writing. If she were to write a book it’d be a series of short stories with various characters who would travel from the U.S. to outside the U.S. or vice versa. There would be themes of alienation, cultural adaptation, anxieties that arise, and new ties of affection.

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