Philadelphia, PA -- August 25 & 26, 2007

I arrived in Philadelphia at six on Saturday evening and left the next day at one-thirty in the afternoon, another painfully short visit.

I did go to the Liberty Bell, only because it was just blocks away from the cheapest hostel in town, but all the rest of my energy went towards my search for readers.

Philadelphia was a "p" city, which meant, as dictated by the list my friends had made at my "sticky note the US" dinner party, I was supposed to get a pedicure. But, as so often happened, I just wasn't interested in the prescribed fun. Another three readers or pink toes? It was a rhetorical question and the answer was readers.

Chinatown nail salon, blocks from the Greyhound station.

I was in a downtown area on a weekend and the only readers had guidebooks in their hands. I didn't know where to go, how to go. I was tired of going to Barnes and Nobles and, as I was feeling run down, I wasn't in the mood to ask for help.

I worried I wouldn't even find one reader. I made myself put my head together. Stand in one place and think things out logically, motivate to ask for help.

I went underground to the subway. I found UPenn and, just when I was beginning to fall in love Philadelphia, it was time to move on.

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