Willmington, DE -- August 25, 2007

Reading Whore, by Tanika Lynch.

Usually she reads other types of books, but got this from a friend. She recently read a book by the Sudanese author, Tayeb Salihs, called The Wedding of Zein. It's about a village, the life of villagers, and a slightly retarded boy who, when he sees a beautiful woman and proposes to her, the girl has good luck in getting a good husband.

She reads bestsellers, all kinds of authors, has no favorite book.

If she were to write her own book it'd be real life about people coming to the United States who act or react here, because life is so different.

She is from Sudan. Community, she said, is stronger in Sudan than here. People read more in Sudan, things are closer together, people spend more time with their families, people live with their families.

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