Washington, DC -- August 23, 2007

People have demurred from being photographed because of bad hair, shyness and paranoia, but never before because their line of work. The reader of this book--Enchanters' End Game, by David Eddings --works for a congressman and decided it wouldn't be prudent to have her image on-line.

This is part of a five part series. Her dad had books 2 through 4, then she had to get this one.

She has a lot of favorite books—she likes horror, sci fi, fantasy, history and philosophy. Mostly religious philosophy.

A good author for religious philosophy is by Elaine Pagels, who wrote The Gnostic Gospels. The gospels were found in 1932 in Egypt, stories that were banned by the church because they acknowledged Jesus as a human and not just as God. Pagels also wrote Adam, Eve and the Serpent: Sex and Politics in Early Christianity.

She also recommends Karen Armstrong.

If she were to write a book? The question got a grimace. She’d like it to be fantasy but it’d probably be more practical, maybe a historical novel based on facts.

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