Dallas, TX -- September 3, 2007, Labor Day

The only reader I found in downtown Dallas

Reading Evening Class, by Maeve Binchy. She discovered the author when she was living in a house with a group of women. She saw it lying around and began reading. Now she’s read about six of Binchy's books. When she goes to the library she knows that if she gets one of hers she’ll like it. She was reading the classics for a while—Austen, Brontes, then she had a sci fi era…she goes through different eras in her reading.

What she likes about Binchy is that her books don’t tie up neatly at the end. They just stop and this is how it is. Also appealing, she has characters that run through all of her books, maybe with just a small appearance, but you know they’re going to resurface.

Her favorite book--Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown. She is part Cree and part Seminole.

Her book—it’d be political. She’s strongly political, an extreme radical liberal. Dallas, she said, has no liberal stronghold. She lived in Austin and liked that, but is longing for her Mayberry like in Andy Griffith.

Recently she read a couple of books by Al Franken.

She reads for pleasure.

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