Dallas, TX -- September 3, 2007, Labor Day

At the shopping mall, overlooking a rink of ice skaters, reading The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House, by John F. Harris.

He started this yesterday and he’ll finish it tomorrow. He’s never liked Clinton and thought if he read the book and saw things better, maybe he’d like him. From the first hundred thirty-five pages, he can see that he’s a decent person , but he doesn’t forgive him for his shortcomings—escaping from the army and being overly fascinated by women.

He still has the first book he ever read--Pinoccio. It’s a big volume with big print. He read it when he was about ten and was really taken with it. It got him started reading.

A favorite book? They all sort of blend together. He likes to read about WWI (or II?), presidents and generals. He reads about forty books a year, mostly historical pieces.

His own book? He says he’s not capeable, but…it’d be about World War II, a terribly deep and interesting war. An endless number of books have been written on the topic. His would be about Churchill.

What’s great about Dallas? The diversity.

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