Los Angeles, CA -- Teahouse on Melrose -- July 16, 2007

From the first sticky note....the tea garden on Melrose Ave, formerly known as Elixir.

Reading Be Honest, You're Not That Into Him, Either, Raise Your Standards And Reach For the Love You Deserve, by Ian Kerner.

The woman on the left: Has been reading the Gossip Girls series. It's like eating a cupcake, she said. It's done in two days. You get into the characters. There's boy drama, school drama. It's a guilty pleasure. She's read all nine books so far. The last one came out in April and she savored it a little longer, reading it over the span of a week, but she's bummed because the next one won't come out until October!

If she were to write a book herself it would be a self-help history of fashion how-to book.

The woman on the right: She likes to read romance novels, breaking them up with comedy when she's feeling stressed, like The Man Who Ate the 747, by Ben Sherwood. It's ha ha cute, she said.

Her favorite book--The Italian. Another favorite book is Endless Love, by Scott Spencer. The characters, she said, are so messed up that, when you compare them to your own life you feel good. There's a guy who obsesses about a girl who lives in a broken home and they have a relationship, but it's an unhealthy relationship.

A book that helped her get through her high school years--an autobiography of Grace Kelly. You see this woman who you would think is so perfect, but she's not and her imperfections make you feel it's okay to be imperfect.

If she were to write her own book, it would be about her life and all the drama in it. She's the black sheep of her family.

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