Los Angeles, CA -- Melrose Ave. -- July 16, 2007

At Ferro E. Inc. -- Artistico in Iron and Crystal

In a shop on Melrose, while in search of a cafe called Elixir from one of the sticky notes, I decided to abandon my pride and duck into a shop to ask for directions. He makes custom chandeliers for well-to-do clients in the Beverly Hills, wrought by hand, individually crafted. It was truly an amazing store.

His favorite author is the lyricist and writer for the band, Rush, Neil Peart, who has written four books about bicycle and motorcycle touring. We sat for a long time and talked while I recharged--it was hard adapting to the hot L.A. weather after cool San Francisco and being out and about all day instead of sitting behind a desk at work, navigating bus lines instead of just getting on and off the Bart train at 24th and Montgomery Streets.

Later I will try to add a few lines here about what he told me about Neal Peart.

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