Los Angeles, CA -- Will and Ariel Durant Branch of the Public Library -- July 16, 2007

The man at the information desk said he never really noticed what people were checking out, but that he gets asked for the bestsellers, the Grishams and Daniel Steele which he remarked was popular with the Russian population.

Wendy, the children's librarian didn't comment on the popularity of any books at the library, though did say that they have a large selection of Russian language books because the neighborhood has a high Russian population.

One of her favorite children's novels is Bat 6, by Virginia Euwer Wolff. It's historical fiction and is about what happens to children when adults don't discuss the nature of prejudice.

She's just finished reading Farewell Fifth Avenue, by Cornelius Vanderbilt. It's a biography of what he did during the depression--he walked outside his bubble and toured the country to see how it was affecting people in other places.

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